Client Forms

This section contains three important client forms –

Personal Chef Service Forms –

In order to give you the best service possible, you’ll need to first complete your food profile . This will allow me to understand your food preferences, likes, dislikes and any allergies you may have. After reviewing your client food profile, I can then plan a menu for you that meets your needs. The menu plan will be submitted to you for your approval.

The second form is the Client Service Agreement. This explains what you can expect while services are being delivered. It also includes client responsibilities for preparation of the kitchen workspace prior to services.

The third form is for catered events only. It will help us get a clear picture of your what your special event will look like and cost.

All forms can be filled in online, saved to your computer, and sent as an attachment to me by email. The exception to this is if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser. Forms, then, must be downloaded and saved on your computer in order for you to complete.

They are all interactive, so you can complete them on your computer with out printing. After completing the forms they can be emailed to me at:

Thank you!