About Z’Chef

Roy Zettlemoyer is a native of Berks WebCounty, Pennsylvania with a passion for great food.

From his own cultural genesis to 45 years later, he comes with a wide range of culinary experience and international travel equipping him to successfully execute your culinary needs.petit-fours-web

Roy’s passion in life is to use his vast experience in the culinary arts by bringing to the table, whether small or large, a focus on your individual tastes, desires and personal goals.

He believes your table should have a place of predominance in your home as the centerpiece of your life.

His commitment to you extends beyond presenting delicious food in a memorable event. He delights in sharing years of experience coupled by world travel by teaching his clients the secrets behind food’s simplest treasures.

The best foods are those with simple fresh ingredients. You’re in for incredible breakthroughs in achieving your own culinary feats!